Welcome to your rotation at 311 McArthur with outpatient mental health services at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)!

When to Come
  • On your first day, please come for 9 AM
  • After the first day, please come at 8:30 AM in order to look over charts for the patients for that day; patients are generally booked starting at 9:30 AM
Things to bring
  • Bring your laptop / iPad as there may be free blocks of time during which time you can catch up on your readings.
  • The best option is to bring your own lunch, because things can get busy during lunch hour
  • There is a staff lounge with a fridge and microwave ovens
  • There is no cafeteria at 311 McArthur, although just nearby there is a Macs Milk, Pizza/Pizza, and Lebanese bakery (with amazing falafels) across the street
How to dress
  • Please dress not just professionally, but also very conservatively.
  • Even clothing such as skirts that might be appropriate in a business setting are not appropriate in child psychiatry given patients that may already be extremely self-conscious about their body image already, or given patients that may have poor boundaries.
  • As our clinic is in a hospital, please wear "closed shoes" with socks, i.e. no open shoes such as sandals.
Things to Read Up
Interview Simulations
Read up on these top conditions that we see on http://www.ementalhealth.ca/primarycare
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD,
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
Helpful Resources
  • We use the EPIC electronic medical records system at CHEO
  • You will have received EPIC training, along with your own login/password