Dr. Cheng’s Professional Qualifications Include:
  • University of Toronto, Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • University of Ottawa, Residency in Psychiatry with Certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Queens University in Kingston, Medical Degree
  • University of Toronto, BSc

Clinical Interests Include:
  • Mental wellness interventions (i.e. helping people with they mental health by (re)connecting them to the people and things that give 1) purpose, 2) belonging, 3) meaning and 4) hope. The problem in life is that all too many mental health problems arise because people have attached themselves too, or seek to attach themselves to people or things which are not meaningful).
  • Internet interventions in improving mental health literacy
  • Regulatory-Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Training includes Developmental Dyadic Psychotherapy (DDP); Interpersonal Psychotherapy; Clinical Hypnosis; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Mind/Body/Spiritual Approach to Treatment
  • We start by identifying healthy goals, e.g. feeling better; dealing with stresses; increasing meaningful connections and activities in one’s life, etc.
  • Then we co-construct a way to work towards those goals
  • Along the way, we may need to Identify any obstacles getting in the way. As per the collaborative problem solving (CPS) philosophy, the idea is that people do well if they can; everyone wants to succeed. So if a child or youth is having difficulties, it is invariably always because there is some condition or issue getting in the way. Our job is to help identify any obstacles getting in the way such as:
    • Physical stressors such as medical problems, or conditions such as regulatory-sensory processing conditions, mood or anxiety conditions, ADHD, learning disorders, sensory processing/regulation or other conditions
    • Psychological or social stresses with home, work or school
    • Once we figure out what the obstacles are, then we can put together a comprehensive plan to ensure that things are back on track
Selected Publications
  • Cheng, M.C., Wolski J. (2011). Mental Health Meets New Media: A Powerful New Portal for Increased Access to Mental Health Services. In Estrine, S., Hettenbach, R., Arthur, H., Messina., M. (Eds.), Service Delivery for Vulnerable Populations: New Directions in Behavioural Health (pp. 379-396). New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Manion M, Buchanan B, Cheng, M.C, Johnston J, Short K. Embedding evidence-based practice in child and youth mental health in Ontario, Evidence & Policy, 2009, 5(2): 141-153.