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Are You a Patient / Family That Is Currently Seeing Me?

If so, please call my office and speak to my admin for non-urgent matters at 613-738-6990.

I can usually call back in 1-2 business days.

Do You Need a Medication Refill?

Consider asking the pharmacy if they can give you an extension — pharmacists have some discretion to give an extension of a few days or a week.

Ask your pharmacy to fax a medication refill request to me at fax 613-738-4891, and allow for at least a few days lead time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can you tell me about what mental health services would be best in my situation?
A. I am sorry, but I do not have the ability to answer questions about specific mental health services.
Visit or contact MentalHealthHelp ( in Ontario; or for more information about services.

Q. Do you accept referrals?
A. No, as I do not have control over which patients I can see. I do not have a practice practice; rather, I work at CHEO and I see patients assigned to me through CHEO intake. You are free to contact your family physician and see if your child might benefit from a referral to CHEO, but note that referrals to specific physicians is usually NOT possible.

Q. What services would you recommend for my child/youth in Ottawa area?
A. Contact for information about services in Ottawa.

If you are wondering about mental health services for a child/youth (up to age 16), then start by speaking with your family physician.
Typical services include:
* Walk-in clinics such as the Youth Services Bureau or Crossroads if your issue is urgent/semi-urgent
* Youth Services Bureau
* Crossroads Children's Centre
* Private practice counselors such as psychologists, social workers, or certified counselors

For more information, view our CHEO handout on Mental Health Services in Ottawa.

If I am not seeing you already, then I am very sorry that I cannot answer you.
The volume of email inquiries is so overwhelming that I cannot answer questions from the general public.